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DIESEL  $4.249 /gal.
BIO  $4.259 /gal.
DEF  $2.699 /gal.
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We are conveniently located at Oasis Trucking Centers in southwest Detroit. Greenway Fueling is advancing fueling technology using CEF's patent-pending FAST fueling stations saving operators time and lowering fuel costs.

Stop in today for Diesel, Biofuel and DEF!

Greenway Fueling @ Oasis Trucking Centers
4195 Central St.
Detroit, MI 48210

(888) WOW-DIESEL / (313) 297-7780

Please stay tuned for updates. Visit our site or send an email to: to be added to our mailing list.
Greenway Fueling accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Discover and Diners plus Comdata, WEX, Fleet One, TCH, EFS, COMCHEK. Is your card or preferred payment method not listed? Call or email today.


What payment methods are accepted?
GWF accepts all major credit cards plus COMDATA, WEX, FLEET ONE, EFS, TCH and COMCHEK. We are adding other fleet cards as quickly as possible. Check back soon or give us a call at 888 WOW-DIESEL.

Can I purchase Diesel fuel?
GWF offers straight Diesel #2 for on road use. We also offer Biofuel and DEF. Refer fuel and Oils coming soon.

How much will fuel cost?
Fuel is priced competitively to area stations. We aim to save you time and money.

Why Biofuels?
Biofuels offer certain performance and overall cost advantages.  Biofuels, such as Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel, will be offered in addition to straight Diesel.

Will DEF be available?
Yes, DEF will be offered directly at the pump.
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